Driver coaching for Caterham Cars

Hi, I’m Darren Burke

Most people know me as The Caterham Coach because I specialise in coaching Caterham drivers.

Using data to help race drivers

A professional racing driver & coach

I have over 16 years experience with Caterham race cars including:

  • 200+ days on track each year with Caterham drivers across every series such as Caterham Motorsport, Graduates and 7 Race Series

  • Coaching the Chief Executive of Caterham Cars and many of their staff, from Academy through to 420R (now known as Sevens UK)

  • Helping many celebrity drivers such as Chris Hoy and James Walker, to be more competitive in the initial Caterham Academy series

  • Testing for Caterham Motorsport to improve car setup and handling

  • Developing tyre compounds with Avon Tyres specifically for use on Caterham cars

  • Exclusive driver coach for DPR Motorsports during race weekends

  • Spending countless hours simulator training and setting new lap records to help drivers competing in iRacing and

My results speak for themselves, with all of my customers improving their performance and many on the podium.

For drivers in search of the ‘next level’

Do you feel you’re not driving to your fullest potential or making progress?

Is there a particular dream or goal you can’t seem to achieve, despite your best efforts?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re driving around and around a track and something’s still missing?

Or worse, do you not feel safe, sliding and spinning out of control?

Unfortunately, too many Caterham drivers spend time on track never truly improving and getting where they want to be. And so, they start believing that only certain drivers have what it takes.

But as I can teach you, anyone is capable of safely improving their performance, reducing their lap times and getting better race results.

What I can teach you…

There is so much I can teach you about driving Caterham cars safely and quickly. This can include:

  • Develop core skills to drive faster, more consistently

  • Find the best level of grip confidently in any situation

  • Learn the secrets of each circuit in a variety of situations

  • Compete with the best by learning race craft

  • Fulfil your simultator racing potential.

Overall, you should feel in total control, get faster and make progress.

Often this training is done 1-1 or in a group of up to three drivers because I can transfer my years of Caterham experience more efficiently.

Simulator training can be delivered remotely, or if you are a DPR Motorsports customer you can use their advanced simulator for even better results.

Ready to get faster & make progress?

Contact me now

07749 124 205

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